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A Behind the Scenes Look at My Website Design Process

A behind the scenes look at my website design process

Hiring a website designer is a big decision and one you should not take lightly. Before hiring a website designer, you should find out what their website design process is like so you know what it will be like to work with them.  An experienced designer will be able to speak to their process with no hesitation. Here I’m sharing a behind the scenes look at my website design process.

Your website is one of your most important business assets. While you can always try to DIY it, hiring a website designer is often a better option as they will know a lot more than you do about what makes an effective and strategic website that will actually be an asset to your business.

Hiring a designer who has a plan will only make your life easier because a designer with a tested and perfected process will be able to keep the ball rolling, thereby enabling them to complete the project on time and on budget.

I continually evaluate my website design process and how it’s working. It has been refined over the years and is a very important part of working with me. 

Now I’d like to share a behind the scenes look at my four phase website design process for my custom website design clients.

Simple processes are fundamental to website design success. I have carefully crafted mine to ensure every one of my clients receives exclusive white glove service. Built upon years of experience working in the luxury space, I manage every element of the design journey to make sure it’s seamless, easy, and enjoyable for you.

Before we even begin work on your website design, you’ll know what to anticipate at every stage of the project. Expect a stellar experience, a highly sophisticated website, and remarkable results.

Phase 1 - Strategy and Prep

We begin with our Kick Off Call to welcome you to your project. We discuss the Welcome Packet you received and I answer any questions you may have. We discuss the process in detail and next steps.

After the Kick Off Call I send you a detailed questionnaire, invite you to your project in Asana and invite you to our shared Google Drive.

Once the questionnaire is complete, we schedule a Strategy Call where we dive deep into your business. We’ll discuss your brand, your mission, your goals, your values and your ideal client along with your vision for your website and your specific needs. Along with ensuring that I have clear understanding of your business so I can design a website that will position your business property to attract your ideal clients, we’ll discuss the specifics of the pages you’ll need and the integrations that will make your website work as a business tool for you. We also finalize the website architecture.

If you’ve hired my copywriter and graphic designer, they will be a part of this Strategy Call.

Following the Strategy Call, we’ll have our SEO Call where we do keyword research together for the pages of your website. I use Uber Suggest for this and recommend them highly.

During this phase, you will be pulling together all of the materials for your website and I will be there to help you with that.

Phase 2 - Design and Build

By the time we enter this phase of my website design process, we’ve been working together for a while. I’ve been there to help you pull together all of your website materials. This is something that differentiates me from other website designers who only start your project once you have these materials ready. I prefer to offer my support to you during this time and not leave you all on your own.

Once I receive all of your website materials, I’ll get to work on your custom website design and build. I start with a blank screen – your website is completely custom and no templates are used. I take into account everything we discussed about your business in the strategy phase – your ideal client, what makes you unique, your primary goal for your website and so much more. All of this enables me to design and build a strategic website for you that will be an asset to your business.

Your website is built on my staging platform. That way if you have a website, it can stay up and continue to be resource for your clients util your new site is ready for launch.

Phase 3 - Refine and Test

Once I have a first draft, I’ll share it with you in our Design Call and walk you through the design. This gives you the opportunity to ask me any questions that come to mind and I can explain why I chose to design something a particular way.

After our Design Call, I’ll send you a link to your development site so you have time to go through it on your own.

You’ll have the opportunity to make refinements so the website matches your vision perfectly. We’ll have a Review Call so we can fine tune the design. 

This phase is incredibly important because I want my clients to have the website of their dreams.

Once the refinements are finalized, I’ll begin the testing part of this phase. I make sure each page is mobile responsive, that all the links are working correctly and that the site appears properly on all major browsers.

Phase 4 - Launch and Celebrate

Obviously, this is the most exciting phase of my website design process. Once your website has gone through my extensive testing phase we are ready for launch day!

I’ll migrate your website to your domain and test again.

Now it’s time to celebrate! Your beautiful new website is live and it’s time for you to proudly show it off. 

After launch day we’ll have a Launch Call so I can set you up as a user on your website and show you how to use it. I’ll also send you a written training guide that you can refer back to at any time. 

You’ll receive an exclusive invitation to participate in my monthly care plan as well. Signing up for my premier monthly care service will give you peace of mind and time to focus on your business and your clients. To learn more about my monthly care plan click here. 

If you found this information about my website design process helpful, I hope you’ll share it with others who may benefit from it using the links below.

If you’d like to start the conversation about working together, please fill out the client application form and I will be in touch to schedule a complimentary introductory call.

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