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Katherine S. Rowell

Website Design for Health Care Consultant

The Problem

Kathy Rowell is a nationally recognized health, healthcare and data visualization expert, lecturer and author who specializes in helping leading organizations analyze, design and present visual displays of data to inform their decisions and stimulate effective action. She had a very outdated personal website. It was custom coded about twelve years ago and because it was no longer compatible with newer PHP versions, it was causing a security problem for her hosting company.

The solution

Kathy hired me to update, simplify and modernize her outdated website. We changed the color scheme and typography to modernize her brand. We did away with a lot of pages that weren’t necessary and streamlined the layout of the pages we kept. Kathy’s personal blog is now simple, clean, welcoming and easy to navigate. It’s now easy for visitors to her site to find the information they’re looking for, to contact her and to sign up for her mailing list. 

Robyn updated the look and feel of my personal website and helped me to simplify and streamline it. She was patient and steady and kept the entire project moving forward. Most of all she kept me focused on each step in the process and never lost sight of the finish line (no easy task!). I highly recommend her services!

Kathy Rowell, Katherine S. Rowell

Kathy Rowell

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