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The Problem

Jeff White of Golden Swirl Creative is a creative artist and designer who needed a website where he could showcase his artistic and design work. While he was capable of learning how to do it himself, it’s not what he wanted to spend his time on; he’d rather be creating art. So he approached me to see if I could help bring his vision to life.

The solution

He hired me to create a portfolio website for him where he could showcase his creativity. Now he has an online presence he can share with potential clients and collectors. He’s able to showcase his design work along with his art work and also update it as he has new projects he wants to include on the website.

Robyn is an incredibly talented website designer. I had an immense amount of work in various formats and she organized it into different portfolios that are clear and easy to access. There is no confusion about what I do now and potential clients can get a good understanding of my capabilities from my website now. I am so thankful I hired Robyn to bring my website to life and I’m continuing to work with her on a monthly basis to make updates to my site as needed so I can focus on other aspects of my business.

Jeff White, Golden Swirl Creative

Jeff White

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