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Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

Why you need a mobile friendly website

When was the last time you pulled out your phone because you needed a quick answer to something? I’m guessing it was recently!

We use our phones today more than ever and it’s not surprising that mobile web usage has surpassed desktop web usage.

This is exactly why you need a mobile friendly website.

So, what is mobile friendly website?

A mobile friendly website is one whose design is responsive. When a website is responsive, the layout responds, or adapts, based on the size of the screen the visitor is using.

A responsive website will automatically change to fit the screen size of the device being used.

The general screen sizes are large desktop, smaller desktop or laptop, tablet and phone.

The screen gets smaller for each and with a responsive design the content shifts to change to the best display for each screen size.

Why do you need to care about this?

Well, don’t you want visitors to your website to have the best experience possible? Responsive web design offers an optimal browsing experience. In today’s world, having a mobile responsive website is no longer an exception, but an expectation.

And since user experience (ensuring that your website is easy for visitors to use) significantly affects conversion rates, this is even more important. How a website looks and functions directly affect how interesting your service will appear to a potential client and what their chances are of purchasing it.

Here are a few other reasons to consider:

Your potential clients are using mobile devices

More than half of all web traffic is done on mobile devices. So that means that a large percentage of visitors to your website are using a mobile device to view it. And, they will expect your website to be designed for the screen size they’re using. What kind of experience are you giving them if your website doesn’t look good on a phone? Do you really want to risk losing potential clients?

It’s a ranking factor for Google

Aside from making your clients happy, a mobile responsive website will make Google happy. Mobile friendliness is a ranking factor for Google. That means that responsive websites will appear higher in search results than non-responsive ones. Do you really want Google to penalize you by dropping your ranking because you don’t have a mobile friendly website?

It can affect your reputation

Think about the message a bad mobile experience is sending to your potential clients. It says you don’t care enough about their business. What will they tell their friends and family about you? The perception will be that your business is outdated. Your top competitors are probably mobile friendly and you’ll lose clients to them. Your mobile site creates a first and lasting impressions so it’s important to make sure it’s a good one.

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