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6 Questions About Lead Magnets Answered

6 questions about lead magnets answered

You’ve probably heard the term lead magnet before. And, you may have even been told that you should have one. And, you should! But do you know what a lead magnet is or how to set one up?

I’d like to help you understand more about lead magnets so I'm answering 6 common questions about lead magnets:

1. What is a lead magnet?

In very basic terms, a lead magnet is something you offer to potential leads in exchange for their email address. Lead magnets are a fantastic marketing tool you can use to build up your email list.

Lead magnets are also commonly referred to as freebies. They can take the following forms:

• Guide
• Checklist
• Workbook
• E-book
• Case study
• Video
• Email series or course
• Webinar
• Quiz

A lead magnet is a part of your website and it is automatically delivered to your visitors, for free, once they enter their email address.

2. What is the purpose of a lead magnet?

The essential purpose of a lead magnet is to inspire the people who are consuming your content to get on your email list. Once someone has signed up for your lead magnet, they are considered a warm lead because they have already expressed an interest in your business. Now it’s your responsibility to nurture these leads and you do that through email marketing.

Lead magnets help build trust and authority. By providing free information and value, you’re accomplishing a few things:

• It helps show your potential clients that you’re not just trying to get their money.
• You prove that you know what you’re doing and know how to help them.
• You position yourself as an expert in your field.

3. What makes an effective lead magnet?

An effective lead magnet will provide an immediate and simple solution to a problem your potential clients have. It should cover a topic that your ideal client would find helpful.

In order for you to create a useful lead magnet, you really need to know who your ideal client is, what problem they have, and how your service solves that problem. You can use the problem / solution method to brainstorm topics that would be relevant to your ideal client.

The most important thing to do is deliver value.

4. How to design a lead magnet?

As with anything you’re producing in your business, the design and layout of your lead magnet should be consistent with your brand.

I recommend using Canva to design your lead magnet.

The four key components in your lead magnet design are as follows:

• Cover – Include an image and title.
• Content – Make sure the content you’re providing helps your ideal client and is a quick win.
• Bio – Include a short bio and a headshot.
• CTA – Your call to action. What should your lead do next?

5. How do you deliver a lead magnet?

After you’ve come up with the topic for your lead magnet and designed your lead magnet, now you’re ready to set it up on your website so it can be delivered.

You’ll want to design a landing page on your website with a form where you can capture the name and email address of your lead. That form will need to be connected to your email marketing platform. I use Mailerlite as my email marketing platform. You will also need to design a thank you page on your website. Finally, you will need to save your lead magnet in a place where it can be downloaded. I use Google Drive for this.

After your landing page form has captured the name and address of your lead, you’ll want the following things to happen automatically:

• The prospect is re-directed to the thank you page on your website where they can download the lead magnet.
• The name and email are added to your email marketing platform as a contact.
• The contact is tagged.
• The tag triggers an email being sent which introduces you to the prospect and includes a link to download the lead magnet.

6. How to publicize your lead magnet?

Once you have created and set up your lead magnet, you will need to publicize it or no one will know it’s there. Here are a few ways you can make potential clients aware of your lead magnet:

• Create a blog post around the same topic and include a link to your lead magnet within the post.
• Design different pins around your lead magnet to drive traffic to your landing page.
• Share your lead magnet in social media posts.
• Add the link to your landing page to your social media bios.
• Pin a post about your lead magnet o the top of your Facebook page.
• Include information about your lead magnet in your Facebook banner image.
• Promote your lead magnet in social media ads.

If you found this information helpful, I hope you’ll share it with others who may benefit from it using the links below.

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