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Synergy Home Improvements is a Falmouth based design and build firm local to RDW Design Studio and owned and operated by Geoff Bright. Synergy offers all facets of residential building, remodeling and home improvement services.

When Geoff first started his business over ten years ago he built his own website and kept it updated. He wasn’t busy then so he had time for this. Now, over ten years later, Geoff had an unprofessional looking home builder website that he wasn’t happy with. He had expanded his business services and now had a team. His website wasn’t working for him. It didn’t look professional and it felt busy. And it didn’t represent where his business was now.


Geoff wanted his new home builder website quickly so there wasn’t time for a custom design. My website template customization was the perfect solution. Since I have a clear understanding of the design and build industry, I guided Geoff to the template that would best suit his needs.

Since Synergy is a local business serving local clients, Geoff added on my SEO package. Along with access to a vast Google Drive resource library created for his project, Geoff had access to me for keyword research and a tutorial on how to use the keywords in his new content.

Geoff also took advantage of my SOS Support Calls to gain more time with me to ask questions and have me review materials.


Once Geoff’s materials were submitted, I began to upload and format his content into the home builder website template. Using Synergy’s branding along with images of their work, the template is truly customized. The result is a home builder website that features Synergy’s incredible work, clearly explains their services and process, all while guiding visitors to contact them for an initial meeting. 




Home Builder Website for Synergy Home Improvements

I'm so happy with the final result.

“I love it! I’m so happy with the final result of our website launch. It was great working with you and I am very pleased that I was able to locate you and your design studio. For anyone reading this, I highly recommend getting together with Robyn and RDW Design Studio for your website upgrade.”

Geoff Bright | Home Builder, Contractor, Remodeler


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