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How to Use Client Testimonials on Your Website

How to use client testimonials on your website

Using testimonials from your previous or existing clients is an important component of your website content. Why? Because they establish credibility.

So, let’s discuss how to use client testimonials on your website so you can make the most out of them.

Testimonials work because they aren’t strong sales pitches, but rather an unbiased voice that helps establish trust.

Clients are the best brand ambassadors you can have. They’re the best promoters of your business because they’ve actually used your service.

The purpose of client testimonials is to build trust, establish credibility and help a reluctant prospect overcome objections actually reach out to you to hire you.

So how can you display these client testimonials on your website?

You can always have a testimonials page where you display all of your client testimonials. Whether you do this or not is really personal preference. If you have a lot of testimonials, a separate page can be a great place for them. I personally am not a huge fan of testimonials pages because I don’t think that many visitors to your website will actually click on it.

What do I recommend instead?  To start with, I recommend using testimonials on almost all of the pages on your website. I encourage you to utilize them on your home page, on your about page and on your services pages. You can position them near your calls to action as well. To find out more about calls to action click here.

However, when used on other pages of your website, I don’t recommend using the full testimonial. Visitors to your website have short attention spans so instead, I recommend using a short excerpts from the full testimonial that speaks to reinforce the copy (text) on that page.

So, for example, on your about page, you’d want to use excerpts from testimonials that speak directly to what it’s like to work with you and what your personality is like. For your services pages, you’d want to use excerpts that speak directly to that specific service.

You can use a testimonial slider if you’ve been in business for a while and have a substantial number of testimonials. If you’re newer and have less testimonials, you can use one or two per page.

If you do decide to have a dedicated page for testimonials, it’s really important to make sure the design is done well. For example, if you’re an interior designer, you could have some testimonials with an image of a room you designed for the clients so the page is visually interesting and not just a list of testimonials.  Click here to see an example of a well designed testimonials page. Alternatively, you can use images of your clients. But, in many instances they may prefer to remain more anonymous so you’ll want to make sure you have permission to do that first.

What I often recommend to my interior design clients, and what I’ve actually done on my own website, is to include the client testimonial on the individual portfolio page for their project. On my individual project pages for my website design projects, I have a testimonial from that client there. You can view an example by clicking here.

When used correctly, client testimonials are a fantastic tool to get prospects to trust your business and commit to you.

If you found this information on client testimonials helpful, I hope you’ll share it with others who may benefit from it using the links below.

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