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Hello there, I'm Robyn White!

I’m an art loving, Pug obsessed, WordPress website designer and I can’t wait to build you a website that’s sophisticated, strategic and simple.

I want to welcome you to my design studio where you’ll find me working in an organized space amid plants and a snoring Pug.

I understand that as a creative service provider you can't be worrying about your website.

That's where I come in.

Together we’ll paint the picture of your dream website. I’ll bring it to life and then I’ll help you take care of it so you can focus on your business and your clients.

I have to begin with a confession … I didn’t grow up with the internet (gasp!). I actually started my freshman year of college with a typewriter! 

But that’s actually why we’ll work together so seamlessly. I believe that your website should be easy to navigate, clear and aesthetically pleasing. Maybe it’s the art lover in me, but it’s true that a beautiful website can help you attract more ideal clients who value your creative expertise.

One of my superpowers is taking complicated tech and making it easy for you to understand. And just like a beautiful painting, I believe that your website is a work of art that requires care.

Sophisticated. Strategic. Simple. A website that serves your business should be those things and more. 

Here's what you can expect

My Approach

I strive to make the process of getting there as exceptional for you as the results I create for your website. Providing you with a stellar website design experience and remarkable results is my goal.

My Philosophy

I believe in guiding my clients through the possibilities and supporting them through the process. Listening to and understanding you is how we begin.

My Studio Culture

I place a high value on relationships. My goal is to build lasting relationships with each of my clients because I truly care about your success. 

MY Aesthetic

It can be summed up in three words … Sophisticated. Strategic. Simple. I believe websites should be designed as works of art, but they should also be an asset to your business – they’re your most important marketing tool.

MY Design Process

I have created a streamlined, simple and stress free design process. My process not only ensures your project will run seamlessly, it also lets you know exactly what to expect at every stage.

Black and white photo of Robyn White of RDW Design Studio sitting at a desk with a laptop

My Core Values







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I haven't always been a WordPress website designer who builds strategic websites for creative clients.

I started out in the business world managing an international art gallery and coordinating fundraising events. I’ve even owned a dog walking business. 

But when I was looking to make a career change, I knew I’d be happiest in my work if I blended my love of beautiful things with my creativity. 

So I started down the path of building a design studio offering custom websites to interior designers, home professionals and other creative service providers who bring beauty into the world.

It didn’t take long to see what’s given the title of WordPress website designer a bad reputation … disappearing “web guys” who speak techno-babble, miss deadlines, intentionally keep your website login a secret and hold you hostage to their lackluster service and questionable pricing structure. 

From the start I’ve committed to building RDW Design Studio differently.

Clear Process. Honest Communication. White Glove Client Care. Building a business that stands by those values is paramount.

Strong communication and collaboration make strategic websites come to life ensuring that each project follows a guided and streamlined process. Your website is yours so making sure you understand how to use it is important to me.

I want you to have a website you love that serves your business goals. If you’re ready to choose a streamlined, simple and stress free WordPress website design process then let’s connect and get started.

Get to know me

The Details

Fun Facts

Meet Lulu, Chief Dog Officer

Fawn pug sitting on a tan couch looking at the camera

Lulu the Pug hails from Montreal and exceptional lineage. Her parents, Ch. Kendoric’s Riversong Mulroney and Ch. Ivanwold Miss Destiny, were champion show dogs.

Lulu is a natural clown with a big personality. She’s a spoiled girl and considers herself a princess. 

She thinks Pugs should be plump and she’s quite proud of her squishy rolls. She works hard on her figure by eating all her meals and constantly demanding treats.

She loves cuddles, belly rubs, napping, laying in the sunshine, swimming, watching football games, and playing with kids.

Lulu has perfected the art of getting everything she wants while also making time to sleep 21 hours a day! Lulu definitely sums up the pug saying multum in parvo (much in little)!

Black and white photo of Robyn White holding Lulu the Pug
Black and white photo of a pug sitting on a couch looking at the camera
Black and white photo of Robyn White holding Lulu the Pug sitting on a couch

Your old website is about to be jealous

Let’s get your new website launch date on the calendar!

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