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A Behind the Scenes Look at My Website Design Process

Your website is one of your most important business assets. While you can always try to DIY it, hiring a website designer is often a better option as they will know a lot more than you do about what makes an effective and strategic website that will actually be an asset to your business.

Hiring a website designer is a big decision and one you should not take lightly. Before hiring a website designer, you should find out what the process is like working with them.  An experienced designer will be able to speak to their process with no hesitation. Here I’m sharing a behind the scenes look at my website design process.

Hiring a designer who has a plan will only make your life easier because a designer with a tested and perfected process will be able to keep the ball rolling, thereby enabling them to complete the project on time and on budget.

After working with many clients and designing many websites, I have improved upon my process. My goal is to make the experience supportive, streamlined and seamless stress-free. All of my design projects, whether a fully custom design or a website template customization, have a timeline with a start date and an end date with deadlines to meet along the way.

Now I’d like to share a behind the scenes look at my website design process for my custom website design clients. It begins with a kick-off call. I feel this is a very important first step. During the kick-off call we review the welcome packet, go over the project timeline, discuss the deadlines, review Asana (the project management tool I use), schedule our Strategy Call and, depending on your package, schedule our coaching calls and weekly clarity calls as well. We end the call with time for Q&A.

After the kick-off call, you’ll receive a link to my website questionnaire. I ask you to fill this out so I can learn about your business, your brand, your ideal client, and your vision for your website. You will also receive a Website Copy Guide, a SEO Guide, and a Branding Guide and Workbook.

Next, we’ll have a strategy call to discuss your answers to the questionnaire and the guides along with your specific needs. If you don’t have a domain or hosting yet, I’ll assist you with that. If this is your first website, I’ll handle the techie stuff with your domain and host and also design a coming soon page for your domain.

Then, you’ll get to work on your website content and I’ll send you weekly focus emails to assist you where needed and help keep you on track. My curated custom website design clients receive weekly clarity calls and three coaching calls as well.

I ask my clients to provide me with their website copy, logo, images, fonts, and colors before I start designing their website.  I am always happy to help assist with these. 

I have several wonderful copywriters that I can refer to who can help my clients craft their website copy. 

While I always recommend that my clients have branded photographs for their websites and hire a professional photographer for this, I will refer them to several good stock image sites and work with them to select their images. 

I will also assist my clients in choosing their brand fonts and colors and also have some great websites that I’ll refer them to for color inspiration and font pairings.

Once I have all the materials from you, I’ll get to work designing your website on my staging platform. That way if you have a website, it can stay up and continue to be a resource for your clients during the design and build phase.

When I have a first draft finished, we’ll have a design call where I’ll show you your website.

After our design session, I’ll send you a live link to your development site. You’ll have the opportunity to make page layout design refinements so the website matches your vision perfectly. We’ll have a review call so we can fine tune the design. 

Once the final design is complete, I’ll get to work on more techie stuff and migrate your site to your domain. After some more techie stuff, we’ll have a launch call to train you how to use your new site and celebrate the reveal of your brand new website!
As you can see, I’m highly collaborative in my website design process.  And I offer lots of one-on-one attention. Supporting my clients through the design process is important to me and something that my clients really seem to appreciate.

It’s incredibly important to me that my clients know where I am in the design process.  So, I use a project management system called ASANA to track all design projects. My clients are provided access to their project and can check the status of their project at their convenience.

To ensure I’m providing the best service possible, I communicate regularly with my clients to stay in touch and be sure we’re meeting deadlines.

After the final website is live, my clients have the option of using my training guide to manage their website on their own or they can retain me to take care of it for them on a monthly basis. 

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at my website design process.  If you did and if you know of someone who can benefit from my process, please share it.

If you’re interested in working with me, please click here to fill out my.  I’d love to connect with you and learn how I can help you go from overwhelmed to overjoyed website!

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