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5 Reasons Fresh Content is Important for Your Website

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” at some point in your entrepreneurial journey. Over the years since it was first coined by Bill Gates, that phrase has morphed into “fresh content is king”.

But, what does that mean and why is fresh content so important?

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons fresh content is important for your website.

1. Fresh content equals more frequent indexing by search engines

Search engines, like Google, are constantly seeking out and indexing new content. They use bots or web crawlers to find an index recently published content to show in their search results. What this means is that the more often you publish fresh content on your website, the more often search engines will look at your website. So, you have a better chance of ranking higher based on the content you offer.  If your website can show up higher in search results, that will greatly affect the number of potential visitors to your website.

And, the opposite is true as well. If you rarely post fresh content on your website, the search engines may view your website as useless with nothing new to offer resulting in a lower ranking.

2. More content means more keywords

You probably already know that keywords are an important part of SEO. They directly impact indexing and ranking. When you create fresh content, you have more opportunities to use your target keywords. Optimizing your content with relevant keywords can attract more visitors to your website. And, each time you use your target keywords you enable search engines to view your website as a source of information for that topic. The more the search engines view your website as relevant to a specific topic, the higher a ranking your site will have.

3. Fresh content increases your authority

It’s important to establish yourself as an expert in your field and creating fresh content by blogging is a great way to do this. You’re building trust as well. The more you can show that you are an authority in your field, the more likely a potential client will trust you to provide the service they need. Additionally, your potential clients benefit from the learning you provide them.

4. You can repurpose your content

Let’s face it, creating fresh content is time consuming. As a small business owner you don’t have a lot of extra time. So, how great would it be to write a blog post and then use that same content as the topic of your next newsletter or as a social media post? You can also turn your blog post into a podcast or a YouTube video.

5. You can use it to drive traffic to your website

Creating fresh content and blogging is a great way to get discovered via social media. Each time you post a new blog, you’re creating content that visitors to your website can easily share on various social media platforms. This can help expose your business to a wide range of audiences.

You can drive traffic back to your website yourself by promoting a new blog post on your social media channels. And, you can create five to ten different pin designs to drive traffic back to that blog post on your website from Pinterest.

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